Froggy’s Story

In order to fully comprehend what Froggy’s is all about you first need to understand who the owners are and why they are forging ahead to make Froggy’s a household name.

They are brothers named John and Anthony Russo who grew up about an hour north of the city in Brewster, NY.

Their story begins with a strong effort for personal growth. Anthony began his working career at the age of nine at a local hardware store. It was his first job, and that job sparked a passion within him to work hard and to appreciate any opportunity to make money and to better his life.

John started working at eleven years old at a family run deli in town. He originally only got this job so that he could afford to buy a cell phone since his mother made it perfectly clear to him that if he wanted a phone than he needed to be able to pay for it himself. That taught him a valuable lesson that nothing is ever going to be handed to him. He learned that if he wanted something bad enough he would have to put the hard work in and go out and get it himself. This fueled him and has taught him that anything worth having is worth working hard for.

Their original flagship store is located in Somers, NY. That store's location is very special due to the fact that it has such a long history (over 50 years) of serving delicious food to the local Somers community. Over the years the store has changed hands and it has changed names but has always remained a consistent and reliable place for the community.

They took great pride in 2011 when they were presented with the opportunity to buy that store and even though they were recently out of high school and didn’t really know anything about running a business they took a giant leap of faith. They put everything they had into figuring it all out as they went. They certainly made a lot of mistakes over the years and experienced a lot of growing pains, but they are thankful for it all because it helped fuel them on their mission to expand.

Froggy’s is more than just a NY Style Sandwich shop. Yes, they take extreme pride in serving the freshest and most delicious sandwiches quickly to their customers but ultimately Froggy’s stands for more than just that. Froggy’s is forging ahead and leading the change on how the food industry and its workers are valued and respected. Froggy’s is on a mission to create a family culture where everyone works side by side in order to build a brighter future together. John and Anthony are always looking to promote from within in order to give better opportunities to their team members to climb the ladder of success with them. They choose to purposefully close all of their stores every day at 4pm because they want their team to be able to be home and have dinner with their own families every single night. At Froggy’s, family always comes first.

Froggy's specializes in NY style “Deli” sandwiches. The go To’s are the simple bacon, egg, and cheese (LMGABECSPK) on a NY style Kaiser roll for breakfast and for lunch their pride lies in their breaded chicken cutlet which is freshly bread daily and made to order for a variety of mouthwatering signature sandwiches.

John and Anthony currently have 5 locations in the New York and Connecticut area, and they have huge goals and plans to expand across the country. Stayed tuned for a Froggy’s opening near you soon!


Froggy's Vision Statement

Froggy’s Vision is to be your most friendly and reliable Breakfast and Lunch stop across the country. 

Froggy's Mission Statement

Froggy’s Mission is to create the future of business scaling by inspiring and mentoring with real values.


Q & A - AND GO!

What does the Froggy’s name mean to you?

The Froggy’s name means with your mind put to it you can make leaps and bounds.

How old are you and your brother?

John Russo was born - April 18th 1988 (Currently 35)

Anthony Russo was born - October 28th 1986 (Currently 37)

What’s different about the Froggy’s?

We are trying to establish an aspect of breaking down the “fast food” label, by creating food fast and how it can actually be fresh.

I noticed you have a sandwich called the Lawsuit, so how did that name come to be?

The lawsuit, a funny story really. A competitor of our’s thought it would be cool to copyright a sandwich called the cluckin Russian since it was their go to sandwich. Well we had it on our menu because it was popular…. And then the letters started coming it and the phone calls from lawyers and thus we made the lawsuit sandwich.

Where do you see Froggy’s in 5 years from now?

I see Froggy’s in 5 years with an incredibly strong foundation of inspired and forward-thinking team members that want to put us in every state in the country.

So, is Froggy’s a NY style Deli?  I noticed the name has changed to Froggy’s Sandwiches..

Froggy’s is a NY style sandwich shop. The reason this came to light, and we switched the name is because we found what Froggy’s is best at and that is the delicious sandwiches we make. We cut out the sausage & peppers, cold cuts and sides of potato salad to make even better sandwiches.

What is Froggy’s culture like?

Froggy’s culture is built from the basis of what Anthony and john found they wanted when they were the ones running the grills, slicers and cleaning the fryers. We have a culture that’s Team 1st. We want our staff to have a great work life balance so they can come in and knock it out of the park 6am - 4pm.